Health Coaching

The primary objectives of health coaching are to educate the client regarding self-health management and to encourage clients to take a more proactive role in staying healthy. During this program Tricia Jelcick (Certified Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition, M.B.A. – WSU) will help you focus on the following tools to help guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Goal Setting
  • Wellness Education
  • Measurements
  • Body Fat Testing
  • Meal & Preparation Planning
  • Exercise Schedule
  • Weekly Support & Accountability
  • Weekly Communication

Session 1 (50 min) $55.00 Sessions 2-8 (25 min) $33.00/week $286.00 for 8 weeks WARNING: This is NOT a diet. It is a commitment to a lifestyle change. Call ext 146 to set up an appointment.